The Red Sox must lose on purpose…

25 10 2007

I swear. This is the only way they CAN win I think, after winning 13-1 in game 1 of the World Series because I know they are promptly going to lose the next three. Boston just loves those 3-1 holes for some reason, it’ s probably some sort of Red Sox fetish. Heck, I’d say it’s their postseason game plan:

1) Humiliate the opposing team in the first game of the series. By double-digits preferably. Oh and at least let them score 1 run for pity’s sake. Let them feel good for 1/3 of an inning.

2) The opposing team is naturally going to be fired up afterwards but, hey, it’d be more of an excuse for us to lose the next 3 games. Relax, chill, break out the margaritas in the dug-out, go nuts.  David Ortiz will be flashing his Fox Sports described “Jack O’ Lantern” grin, Manny Ramirez will still have the gayest nickname in professional sports (THE MAN-RAM..god) and both Youkalis and Varitek will still look like the Brawny Man (pre-2004).

3) Wake up in the morning, get out the ice cold cans of whoop ass out of the cooler and proceed with winning games 5-7.

4) Smile, wave, on victory floats. Repeat. 

The Red Sox don’t make history….they pre-plan it.  


M’s climb up the AL West will be a struggle

1 08 2006

I watched the M’s kill Baltimore 10-5 last night and I was thinking how well balanced the hitting and pitching is right now, and if they keep this up, who knows? Maybeeee they can catch up with the A’s and Angels but only if these things happen in my opinion:

1. ADRIAN BELTRE has to start killing the ball up to his abilities. There’s no way this guy gets paid 13 mil a year and hits .262 and only 9 homers….what’s worst the M’s can’t trade him because he has no value…

2. If Joel Piniero can build on his last two outtings where he only gave up about 3 ER in 6+ innings then the pitching staff should be fair enough shape to at least compete with the other teams in the West.

3. The Angels and A’s gotta start putting up L’s…they’re have to slow down some time right?

Those are probably the main things I thought that could give the M’s a chance to compete and maybe win the West. This is extremely wishful thinking considering this is a pretty young team, but next year the M’s will be for sure on the radar.

A Few Damned Phillies become Damn Yankees

31 07 2006

They got Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle yesterday. They now field an All-Star team. Their payroll is like a gabillion dollars about now. The Yankees are going to score 10 or more runs a game and break the bank. But guess what? They don’t field All-Star caliber pitchers so they’re still going to give up 11 or a more a game ha. Thank god the evil empire has no brain.