An Eye for an Eye…

31 07 2006

Why does the the Bush-led administration ALWAYS have to be completely blind in the arena of diplomacy? 9/11 can’t be an excuse anymore…this is not about mistakes on the U.S. side of things anymore, this is about mistakes in other countries now, 3 years and Iraq is still in the same state as it was since the beginning of the occupation!  While the rest of the world is set on a resolution to call for a cease fire in the Israel-Hizbollah conflict the U.S. is still set on giving the Israelites time to root out their enemies. 

Sure, Hizbollah is responsible for many terrorist acts but for gods sake this “war” is being held on innocent soil, but unlike the Afgan-Al-Queda war, the Israels aren’t about to rebuild Lebanon after all this is said and done are they? And Givin the fact that these people do support this organization does it justify the events that took place in Qana on Sunday, where 34 children and the remaining adults were killed in their sleep? There was even a report where a ONE day old baby was killed during Israeli missle strikes, how could it fathomable that this all started because of 2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers? It’s not and it shouldn’t be.  And all the while Israeli officials continue to stand steadfast on their goals to destroy Hizbollah, giving out petty apologies and the “unfortunate” nature of so many innocent civilians that were killed during their extermination campaign…the crazy thing is now they are allowing people to evacuate, and this could’ve been done, oh I don’t know, before a single shot was fired?

But there shouldn’t be any surprise from the U.S. reaction, because their diplomatic strategy is actually one that requires none. You can sum it up in a few things: 1. Bush gives damn good massages 2. Rice’s “spazzing violence” speech. That’s democracy at its best right now people, enjoy it for the next two years. Enjoy the incompetence of the government officials that run the most powerful nation in the world being nothing more than puppets brewing hatred. Watch as the world strikes back one day. You would think the U.S. learned something from their past mistakes, maybe trying something different like empathizing with other cultures and maybe figuring out why their are organizations like Hizbollah and Al Queda in the first place could serve as a better solution? But I guess some things do leave the world blind.