The Serbian Gangster

10 09 2007

Darko Millicic is fast approaching Ron Artest-like infamy with his latest diatribe directed at FIBA refs. Check it out here and you will discover one of the most savage one-liners that would make the FCC ban him til 9999 AD.  Oh, and before he and the rest of the Serbian National team got crushed in the European Championships going 0-3, here is what he had to say:

“We’ll destroy them all – Spaniards, Greeks, Lithuanians, Russians, Frenches, Italians… All of them! They’re good, but we can demolish them all. Spain is not unbeatable. I like to play against Pau Gasol, he’s soft. If we win Gold medal in Spain, I’ll take my shirt off and then I will jump from Parliament terrasse. After that I dont need anything else in my life”.

Maybe he lost his mind while warming the bench in Detroit…



Celtics land KG!

1 08 2007

Welcome back to legitimacy Boston! Not only do they land Ray Allen on draft day, they now have arguably the best PF playing in the NBA today. Pierce, Allen, and Garnett= best trio talent-wise in the league (other than the Spurs’ Parker, Ginobilli, and Duncan).  The funny thing is, they practically traded their ENTIRE team for a soon-to-peak KG. Trading away Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff, two future conditional 1st round draft picks, and some cash considerations for a Mega-star player  is like burning down the entire house and praying to god that whatever is left plus the major upgrade on the master suite will last for years to come. They’re definitely rolling the dice on this one but if they can fill-out their bench with volunteers then they’ll be alright. 

Woerriors no more…Bulls are cooking over Heat…Dice K…

28 04 2007

Got a chance to watch the “New Warriors” in action in their Game 3 win 109-91 against the Mavs tonight and man can they fly up and down the court…I think they’re probably faster than the Suns also (If those two teams were ever locked in a matchup it might as well be a “Matrix” sequel). But, I’m not entirely sold on them yet considering if a team can bog them down into a half court game then it would be curtains for them. Dallas looked absolutely SLOW against them both on offense and defense and I’m not sure if it was total failure in preparation or Golden State just ran them out of the gym because the fat lady was already singing in full glory at mid-court before the first half was even finished.  What I do know is if the Warriors can keep this pace you are going to see the 3rd upset of an 8th seed over the 1st seed in NBA history- guaranteed. Definitely the story of the 1st round this year.

 But what’s almost as surprising are the Bulls who have a 3-0 lead over the Heat after winning tonight 104-96. Wow…I didn’t even imagine the possibility of Miami being swept out of the first round but it looks like without a 100% Wade and a complete balance attack by the Bulls it could become a reality.  Did you see that block by Andres Nocioni over Udon-is Haslem?!?Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Nets go vinsane and drop kick the Raptors…102-89. Jason Kidd posted a triple-double on one leg with 16 pts, 16 rebs, and 19 ast. Don’t know why Chris Bosh is doing so sub-par, he should be feasting on the likes of Mikki Moore, Jason Collins, and Josh Boone…well known delicacies in his country.   The least surprising result tonight though.

Oh and if you’ve watched Dragonball before this article will bring a grin to your face…

Excited Red Sox Fans Eagerly Await Debut Of Matsuzakas Ultimate Galactic Dragon Gyroball Pitch Power Explosion

The Onion

Excited Red Sox Fans Eagerly Await Debut Of Matsuzaka’s ‘Ultimate Galactic Dragon Gyroball Pitch Power Explosion’

NBA Playoffs Predictions

23 04 2007

 First Round

Miami-Chicago (Chicago in 7)

Orlando-Detroit (Detroit in 5)

Cleveland-Washington (Cleveland in 4)

New Jersey-Toronto (New Jersey in 7)


Los Angeles-Phoenix (Phoenix in 5)

San Antonio-Denver (San Antonio in 6)

Dallas-Golden State (Dallas in 6)

Houston-Utah (Houston in 7)

Round 2


Detroit-Chicago (Detroit in 6)

Cleveland-New Jersey (Cleveland in 6)


Phoenix-San Antonio (San Antonio in 7)

Dallas-Houston (Houston in 6)



Detroit-Cleveland (Detroit in 6)


San Antonio-Houston (Houston in 6)


Houston-Detroit (Houston in 4…HAHAHA YAO MING~~~~)

 This of course, will not happen and probably the Spurs or Dallas are gonna win it all but one can only hope 🙂

Something that I found amusing since my uncle and I were NY Knicks fans while I was growing up and Patrick Ewing was our favorite player and just thought it was funny how it poked fun at Nate Rob also:

The Onion

Young Knicks Player Keeps Asking About Patrick Ewing

NEW YORK—Sources within the New York Knicks organization report that outspoken Knicks guard Nate Robinson continues to ask pressing…

Hottest wives of the NBA

8 08 2006

Check out the page HERE

Found this site browsing for news about the new $14.98 “Starbury” shoe that he’s releasing in mid-August. Which, by the way, is an upstanding act by a guy I always thought was a bastard both on and off the court but I found out he’s actually a pretty generous guy and doing things for charity and the public. So, I guess I’ll give him kudos for that…but I still think his game is as cheap as his new kicks.

BTW- I’m not surprised that NBA stars have hot wives but geezus, Peja’s wife is smoking. Did he find her in some hidden corner of Yugoslavia? He must be a lucky man when he’s not raining 3s.

Goodbye Sonics, I will miss thee…

20 07 2006

Well, it has finally happened, the worst nightmare come true for me and all Seattle basketball and sports fans…the Sonics are heading to Oklahoma City. Grab your pitch forks, light those torches, and boycott Starbucks, because if the our beloved Sonics are indeed relocated no amount of coffee, mocha, or latte will get rid of your sleep deprivation, so why waste your money on it and why give your money to the man responsible for running the Sonics out of town? Sure, they’ll still be here for at least a year, but it’s like seeing the movie “Old Yeller” you love the dog to death (no pun intended) but you know whats going to happen in the end. Done like dinner.

For me, basketball is my favorite sport, I’ve played it since I was 9 and it never ever gets boring. It gives me peace for both body and mind…it’s almost like a form of meditation at times. A plaque of Gary Payton hangs on my wall, an autographed picture of Ray Allen and a group photo of he and my friends sits on my desk, heck, I still have a Evergreen t-shirt with Shawn Kemp’s big head plastered in the front and I can probably still wear it for godssake! I saw the highs of this team, when Big Smooth Sam, GP, The Reign Man, Detlef, and Hawk lost to MJ’s Bulls back in 96′, in fact I’m still looking for my left lung, and I’ve seen the lows (Vin Baker lives up to his last name, GP gets traded, the horror that was Jim McIlvaine, and now the sale). With that said, I still can’t fathom how or why Howard Schultz would do this to the most prominent sports franchise in Seattle, by selling the team to the sports starved Oklahomans he basically showed how much he doesn’t give a rats a$$ (Yes, it’s suppose to be subliminal, thank you very much) about the Sonics, the history, and the importance the organization has for the Northwest itself. And what he said regarding the purchase of the team five years ago could be the most heinous understatement of the century:

“I think there was some naiveté coming in,” Schultz said, looking back on the day his group bought the team.

YOU THINK??? The head honcho from Starbucks has talked big all this time, of championship rings and a return to past glories..but only now does he realize it isn’t as easy making a contender than making a cup of joe. He didn’t look before he jumped and this is what we deserve? Because of one man’s ignorance, we all have to suffer? What an absolute shame.

Sonic Green and Gold Forever.

Click here to sign an online petition to keep the Sonics in Seattle.