4 08 2006

I just started working and my co-workers and even my supervisor already have the idea that I’m a slacker, here are some of the stuff I’m already getting, god, all you haters stop beating on the rookie!

yo! i probably don’t know none of u …but my name is VU…and the MEAN MACHINE187 are with me…yo HANS!! GET TO WORK! (This was on a FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE BOARD)

…And this from our company e-mail….

Finally they have arrived. There should be a sheet or two in your drawers for tomorrow. Let Seng or myself know if you need more. Now get to work! LOL (This wasn’t directed at me but our whole division but it sounds oddly familliar…)

And for godssakes just because I sound the most white doesn’t mean I should be made to call all the people from South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and every other red state in the U.S…and it’s not like they’re going to get less angry just because I don’t sound like a foreigner geez. People, this is a new form of discrimination in the workplace and I think I’m the start of the “white-wash” stereotype. Asian-Americans have their rights too! And I believe in the freedom of calling people I can’t understand without asking them two, three, or even four times!!


The American Way @ Work

2 08 2006

Usually at around 6:30 in the morning there’s not much going around, most of the time it’s a few pounding away at their little keyboards but for the most part quiet like a ghost town. But this morning I was able to pick up on a convo that pretty much sums up a lot about how much we as Americans differ from everyone else in the world sometimes…

Guy:…I wasn’t really paying attention to the war in Lebanon but now I hear in the news that hundreds of rockets are being fired into Israel everyday, why is this happening? Israel GAVE their land to Lebanon (He must be referring to 1982, when they withdrew from Southern Lebanon in according to the U.N. resolution presented at the time….I think) and I think Israel has the right to defend themselves. Hizbolla is a danger to their country and if it mean’s innocent civilians must die I’m sorry, but at least it is for the right cause. They’re not dying for nothing…

Girl: Hey, did you know Carlos Guillian hit for the cycle last night?!?

Guy: Oh really! Wow!!! If only he was still with the M’s….

@work blog (ver. 0.07)

27 07 2006

Here is some stuff that I saw quite interesting from the short time I’ve been working with Microsoft’s sales department selling their business accounting program to U.S. businesses:

~ Our division has already acquired the sense of “minority” targeting. We literally start frothing from the mouth and go into a rabid frenzy when we see the Lee’s, Hajim’s, and the Jimenez’s on our database lists, sadly.

~ Washington state buyers sound like everyone else from the rest of country, a bit irritated that they have to go through a sales call during their work day, until I mention I’m calling from the almighty Microsoft then they literally transform into open minded, spineless zombies, SCREAMING AT US TO TAKE THEIR MONEY….and I just get the sudden urge to boom at the top of my lungs, “KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!” On that note, everyone else from the rest of the country just treats us like aliens…

~ Is it just me or is there a large influx of cleaning services in Arizona? WHY IS THAT?! I don’t know whether to see this as people who are really clean or people who are really dirty…


I work adjacent to a call center so a lot of times I overhear a lot of quips that are really out there. And now…Quotes from the Call Center! (M/F defines the gender)

(M) Rep1: “So, what would you rather have, an extra eye, arm, or leg?”

(F) Rep2: “An extra eye…..so I can go <spins finger in circles while being cross-eyed> wooooooooot”

***awkward silence***

(M) Rep3: “I think I would want an extra arm, then I’d become a boxer…I’d be soooo good and become the world heavyweight champ!!! I’ll be famous!!!”

(M) Rep1: “I think that would sorta freak people out yo’…”

~Strangely, no one opted for the extra leg.~

This is a pretty ironic quote and made me smile….inside…

“I just got off the phone with a lady with the most horrible english, and she got angry at me when I tried to correct her! If she can’t speak English she shouldn’t have called-ed me!”

Yea, so just in case you were wondering what customer support reps talk about after you hang up…