Some library in Fairfield, NJ

25 10 2007

So, I out of curiosity I looked up to see where the local library was in the area and I go to their website and, the first thing I notice in the left hand corner is “FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY”. Hm,  I wasn’t aware that some libraries charge you to borrow books, I thought it was always a free public resource. (Unless, they make you pay a 50 cents toll before letting you enter the library, which I wouldn’t be surprised knowing how things are runned around here…) . Or, maybe people here are just not interested in reading, a lot of times I pass by a Barnes & Noble here and there would be only a few cars in the lot, and I’m guessing most are the employees working there. So I’m thinking that by the library “advertising” itself as a free public library, they’re targeting the frugal sort that don’t even know books can be borrowed without hidden charges… and most likely because they’re illiterate to begin with.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the “Adult Crafts” (learn how to make home-made blow up dolls or erotic cakes…just kidding, actually I don’t know) and “Turn off the TV” (WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO, BESIDES WATCH TV???) events. Man, they’re fishing BIG time.    




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