The Serbian Gangster

10 09 2007

Darko Millicic is fast approaching Ron Artest-like infamy with his latest diatribe directed at FIBA refs. Check it out here and you will discover one of the most savage one-liners that would make the FCC ban him til 9999 AD.  Oh, and before he and the rest of the Serbian National team got crushed in the European Championships going 0-3, here is what he had to say:

“We’ll destroy them all – Spaniards, Greeks, Lithuanians, Russians, Frenches, Italians… All of them! They’re good, but we can demolish them all. Spain is not unbeatable. I like to play against Pau Gasol, he’s soft. If we win Gold medal in Spain, I’ll take my shirt off and then I will jump from Parliament terrasse. After that I dont need anything else in my life”.

Maybe he lost his mind while warming the bench in Detroit…





One response

1 11 2007

im kind of sad that he didn’t talk any smack about china…

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