My past weekend in Willysburg

2 08 2007

Nien and I decided to meet up for dinner and drink at the nice hip/artsy neighborhood of Williamsburg in Manhattan. I took a few photos which I will post later on. Anyway, I thought it’d be nice to take some time to reflect on what I learned before and during my little excursion:

(1) Williamsburg is at the Bedford Ave stop on the subway’s L line. Don’t get confused with the G Line which takes you to Bedford/Nostrand. I did that and I winded up in the middle of Brooklyn with a cop at every corner and only a Dunkin Donuts to provide me a safe haven. Oh, a conversation with Nien once I got got there:

Me: Nien, I just got off the Bedford stop.
Nien: Where at?
Me: Lafayette and something.
Nien: I don’t see it…are there any landmarks?
Me: Yea..a Dunkin Donuts..and a lot of black people..
Nien: What?!?
Me: I’m scared…you said Williamsburg was hip and trendy…this is not hip and trendy…

(2) All the Asian girls I saw in Williamsburg were hooked up with a white guy. But then I saw Asian guys hanging out with white girls so that was a relief. And then there was me and Nien, yes we’re different.

(3) Music can be racist. After eatting dinner, Nien and I followed what sounded like a concert. After walking quite a few blocks we ended up in a park but even before finding the source, the music just stops as if it knew two curious asian men were in the area. We stood around puzzled for a few moments and decided to just grab a drink(s) at a bar nearby. We start plodding away and the music (not surprisingly) picks up where it left off…

(4) I had one Long Island Ice Tea for the night. Nien out drank me with two beers. Probably the first time ever since I got here that I felt like I didn’t have to throw down the gauntlet. Hopefully this is a continuing pattern, tired of those hangovers.

(5) Oh, stopped by Times Square which is quite beautiful at least as beautiful as a bunch load of colorful and glowing ads can get, not to mention a chubbified Spider-man amongst the throngs of people. HE’S NOT REAL DANG IT, WHY DOES EVERYONE STILL WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH A FAT GUY IN A SPIDER-MAN COSTUME??? HE JUST WANNA TAKE YOUS MOONIES!!! That was in my head anyway.

(6) While walking through the massive crowds of people there are certain moves you must know. Which includes the sideways chest rise, the multiple side step, and the swinging elbow (Nien was made an example hahaha…you know Nien) 

 Well, that’s all the things from the top of my head. Roaming around NYC has been a great experience so far and I hope to see even more.




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