Games have become too powerful for their own good…

24 08 2007

I just read about the game “Bioshock” which is so bada$$ and extreme that it literally can blow up your computer and even X360 owners have had their systems die because of this game! The original post is here:

Now that’s next-gen…when games are so realistic they can literally kill you while playing them haha.


Some things cannot be seen differently even through change

8 08 2007

The other day I was at my aunt’s place in Edison and she looked at me and said even though I’m an adult now she can only see my as a little boy because she hadn’t seen me in fourteen or so years. “Even right now you’re drinking beer, I still can’t believe you’re drinking that bottle of beer…you will always be 10 years old to me” she said. I laughed and I remember a similar feeling when I saw our family’s old house for the first time since I was little kid…going back there a lot of what I loved most was gone. A lot of the oak trees that were in the backyard were cut down, the bridge my dad built was falling apart, my playground was gone, a new 3 car garage was built, and they painted the house.  But even though things had changed so much, I remember staring at certain spots around and I could feel my past, all the fun I had, the big birthday parties, watching the fireflies at night, not a worry in the world. It was the most peaceful and joyous time in my life and I’ve always wanted to find that feeling again. Of course, now just beginning to find my niche in the world I probably won’t have the opportunity to live such a care free life until I retire or become financially secure. In a way, it made me sad inside knowing that I would have to wait for that kind of harmony again. Perhaps, it could come sooner rather than later and that’s all I can hope for. I’ve dreamt of that day many times.  I guess it goes to show how strong memories remain in the present even after so many years , especially beautiful ones that you can’t let go.

Blog Title Change

2 08 2007

I admit, using my name as an acronym is one of the stupidest blog titles ever so I decided to change it to something more incoherant but at least a little more original and philosophical. I’m not going to waste time to explain it but a second of thought is probably enough ha.

My past weekend in Willysburg

2 08 2007

Nien and I decided to meet up for dinner and drink at the nice hip/artsy neighborhood of Williamsburg in Manhattan. I took a few photos which I will post later on. Anyway, I thought it’d be nice to take some time to reflect on what I learned before and during my little excursion:

(1) Williamsburg is at the Bedford Ave stop on the subway’s L line. Don’t get confused with the G Line which takes you to Bedford/Nostrand. I did that and I winded up in the middle of Brooklyn with a cop at every corner and only a Dunkin Donuts to provide me a safe haven. Oh, a conversation with Nien once I got got there:

Me: Nien, I just got off the Bedford stop.
Nien: Where at?
Me: Lafayette and something.
Nien: I don’t see it…are there any landmarks?
Me: Yea..a Dunkin Donuts..and a lot of black people..
Nien: What?!?
Me: I’m scared…you said Williamsburg was hip and trendy…this is not hip and trendy…

(2) All the Asian girls I saw in Williamsburg were hooked up with a white guy. But then I saw Asian guys hanging out with white girls so that was a relief. And then there was me and Nien, yes we’re different.

(3) Music can be racist. After eatting dinner, Nien and I followed what sounded like a concert. After walking quite a few blocks we ended up in a park but even before finding the source, the music just stops as if it knew two curious asian men were in the area. We stood around puzzled for a few moments and decided to just grab a drink(s) at a bar nearby. We start plodding away and the music (not surprisingly) picks up where it left off…

(4) I had one Long Island Ice Tea for the night. Nien out drank me with two beers. Probably the first time ever since I got here that I felt like I didn’t have to throw down the gauntlet. Hopefully this is a continuing pattern, tired of those hangovers.

(5) Oh, stopped by Times Square which is quite beautiful at least as beautiful as a bunch load of colorful and glowing ads can get, not to mention a chubbified Spider-man amongst the throngs of people. HE’S NOT REAL DANG IT, WHY DOES EVERYONE STILL WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH A FAT GUY IN A SPIDER-MAN COSTUME??? HE JUST WANNA TAKE YOUS MOONIES!!! That was in my head anyway.

(6) While walking through the massive crowds of people there are certain moves you must know. Which includes the sideways chest rise, the multiple side step, and the swinging elbow (Nien was made an example hahaha…you know Nien) 

 Well, that’s all the things from the top of my head. Roaming around NYC has been a great experience so far and I hope to see even more.

Celtics land KG!

1 08 2007

Welcome back to legitimacy Boston! Not only do they land Ray Allen on draft day, they now have arguably the best PF playing in the NBA today. Pierce, Allen, and Garnett= best trio talent-wise in the league (other than the Spurs’ Parker, Ginobilli, and Duncan).  The funny thing is, they practically traded their ENTIRE team for a soon-to-peak KG. Trading away Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff, two future conditional 1st round draft picks, and some cash considerations for a Mega-star player  is like burning down the entire house and praying to god that whatever is left plus the major upgrade on the master suite will last for years to come. They’re definitely rolling the dice on this one but if they can fill-out their bench with volunteers then they’ll be alright.