Pirates of the Caribbean 3: End of the World

30 05 2007

This movie was actually ok in my book, better than Spider-man 3 by far BUT the one thing that I really had a gripe about was that 75% of the time I had no idea what Calypso and Sao Feng were saying. Subtitles would’ve made the overall experience better since at least I would know what was going on in the beginning but damn, it was if the director told Naomie Harris to do her best Sylvester The Cat imitation because her lisp was more unbearable in POTC 3 than POTC2. The whole time i was screaming in my head “THIS IS AN ENGLISH MOVIE RIGHT?!?!?!”. Nice CGI effects though. Only movies I’m looking forward to at this point would be “Transformers” (which I admittedly laughed at last year) and “Ocean’s Thirteen”.

Still thinking of maybe checking a movie or two at SIFF since i missed out last year but haven’t go the chance to see what’s good…. 




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