Spider-man 3, Rockets, Golden Boy, all suck…

6 05 2007

1.) Saw Spider-man 3, the whole time I felt like I was watching the wrong movie…going in I knew it wasn’t going to be that good but I walked out feeling if I had stayed home and watched AVP and X-Men: The Last Stand back to back I would’ve felt the same but without having to drive to the movie theater or pay $1o. And whoever said there was ton of action, you must mean “talking and crying” because that was basically 3/4 of the movie while the rest of the movie was Spider-man or a villain being thrown into brick or steel walls or getting hit with metal pipes. I honestly tried to shut my brain down but there must be something like “negative stupidity” because I felt like I lost a few IQ points after walking out of the theater. 

 2.) Rockets lose their 1st round series with the Jazz. The team with the deeper bench outlasted the team  with the more talented starting five. And this series just proves how T-Mac just isn’t a trancending type of player or a “closer” type like Kobe or Dirk…oh wait…

 3.)Oscar De LaHoya lost to Mayweather. Nothing much to say but I was just rooting for Golden Boy because Mayweather came across as being an arrogant, cocky prick. I don’t root for pricks.




3 responses

6 05 2007

Man I am so on the boat with you on the first two… man i wasted 10 dollars on that 2 and a haff hour piece of shit that cost millions of dollars to make. WTF…

I hate the JAZZ, I’ve always hate them and I’ll hate them in the future. I hated the, with stockton and malone and I hate Boozer and AK47…. what the hell… the Rockets were set to win it all if they can just get out of the ***king first round. dammit… TMAC is a great player…. but he needs to win… I do recall KG had the same problem until that one with with Spreewwell and Cassel… Yao Ming needs to start jumping because he gets blocked too much for a guy at 7’5″…. dammit GO WARRIORS!!!

6 05 2007

yea…you can feed a lot of third world countries with the dough they used to produce this movie. This movie brought in $59 million on its first day out too…i feel like i got suckered in with the rest of the people who decided to see this movie.

And Rockets…god wth…I’m tired of seeing Yao shoot 20 foot fadaways with a 6’2″ guy on him.

8 05 2007

man, i was rooting for the golden boy too. but the he was so slow and tired at the end of the thing and mayweather just killed him. de le hoya threw like two times as many punches as mayweather did, but landed only half! crazy world.

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