Pirates of the Caribbean 3: End of the World

30 05 2007

This movie was actually ok in my book, better than Spider-man 3 by far BUT the one thing that I really had a gripe about was that 75% of the time I had no idea what Calypso and Sao Feng were saying. Subtitles would’ve made the overall experience better since at least I would know what was going on in the beginning but damn, it was if the director told Naomie Harris to do her best Sylvester The Cat imitation because her lisp was more unbearable in POTC 3 than POTC2. The whole time i was screaming in my head “THIS IS AN ENGLISH MOVIE RIGHT?!?!?!”. Nice CGI effects though. Only movies I’m looking forward to at this point would be “Transformers” (which I admittedly laughed at last year) and “Ocean’s Thirteen”.

Still thinking of maybe checking a movie or two at SIFF since i missed out last year but haven’t go the chance to see what’s good…. 


Western Conference All-Stars Make Up All-NBA First Team

12 05 2007

This was a head scratcher..the All-NBA First Team is made up of Nash, Bryant, Nowitzki, Duncan, and Amare yet all the big guys are natural PFs. Kinda shocked that Lebron didn’t make it (made 2nd team instead), even though he did struggle during the regular season… thought he should’ve made it instead of Amare just because you could make a case that no one else in the league brings so much to the table than James even when he’s not at his best and he still posted 27 ppg, 7 rebs, 6 ast during the regular season. Amare, on the other hand didn’t post spectacular numbers like he did in ’05 when he avg 26 ppg 9 rebs, seems like the voters were just being sympathetic of his comeback from missing last season due to injury but come on. Or maybe I’m not happy because  Amare punked my man the Matrix in the past. 

Golden State series definitely showed why Nowitzki is the NBA’s MVP (Most Vulnerable Player) .

Rumor: Ron Artest body slammed Michael Jordan during a pick-up game. I looked it up and…

With the Bulls, he tried to take a job at the Best Buy on Sunday afternoons to get the employee discount for equipment. He had been buying so much stuff for family and friends, he practically blew his whole rookie year salary in the NBA. When Michael Jordan allegedly teased Artest once over his state of financial woe in a summer pickup game, legend has it Artest picked him up and body-slammed him. Even cracked a couple of ribs.

I hope the man isn’t serious about retiring…where would I get all my laughs?

Spider-man 3, Rockets, Golden Boy, all suck…

6 05 2007

1.) Saw Spider-man 3, the whole time I felt like I was watching the wrong movie…going in I knew it wasn’t going to be that good but I walked out feeling if I had stayed home and watched AVP and X-Men: The Last Stand back to back I would’ve felt the same but without having to drive to the movie theater or pay $1o. And whoever said there was ton of action, you must mean “talking and crying” because that was basically 3/4 of the movie while the rest of the movie was Spider-man or a villain being thrown into brick or steel walls or getting hit with metal pipes. I honestly tried to shut my brain down but there must be something like “negative stupidity” because I felt like I lost a few IQ points after walking out of the theater. 

 2.) Rockets lose their 1st round series with the Jazz. The team with the deeper bench outlasted the team  with the more talented starting five. And this series just proves how T-Mac just isn’t a trancending type of player or a “closer” type like Kobe or Dirk…oh wait…

 3.)Oscar De LaHoya lost to Mayweather. Nothing much to say but I was just rooting for Golden Boy because Mayweather came across as being an arrogant, cocky prick. I don’t root for pricks.