Woerriors no more…Bulls are cooking over Heat…Dice K…

28 04 2007

Got a chance to watch the “New Warriors” in action in their Game 3 win 109-91 against the Mavs tonight and man can they fly up and down the court…I think they’re probably faster than the Suns also (If those two teams were ever locked in a matchup it might as well be a “Matrix” sequel). But, I’m not entirely sold on them yet considering if a team can bog them down into a half court game then it would be curtains for them. Dallas looked absolutely SLOW against them both on offense and defense and I’m not sure if it was total failure in preparation or Golden State just ran them out of the gym because the fat lady was already singing in full glory at mid-court before the first half was even finished.  What I do know is if the Warriors can keep this pace you are going to see the 3rd upset of an 8th seed over the 1st seed in NBA history- guaranteed. Definitely the story of the 1st round this year.

 But what’s almost as surprising are the Bulls who have a 3-0 lead over the Heat after winning tonight 104-96. Wow…I didn’t even imagine the possibility of Miami being swept out of the first round but it looks like without a 100% Wade and a complete balance attack by the Bulls it could become a reality.  Did you see that block by Andres Nocioni over Udon-is Haslem?!?Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Nets go vinsane and drop kick the Raptors…102-89. Jason Kidd posted a triple-double on one leg with 16 pts, 16 rebs, and 19 ast. Don’t know why Chris Bosh is doing so sub-par, he should be feasting on the likes of Mikki Moore, Jason Collins, and Josh Boone…well known delicacies in his country.   The least surprising result tonight though.

Oh and if you’ve watched Dragonball before this article will bring a grin to your face…

Excited Red Sox Fans Eagerly Await Debut Of Matsuzakas Ultimate Galactic Dragon Gyroball Pitch Power Explosion

The Onion

Excited Red Sox Fans Eagerly Await Debut Of Matsuzaka’s ‘Ultimate Galactic Dragon Gyroball Pitch Power Explosion’




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