NBA Playoffs Predictions

23 04 2007

 First Round

Miami-Chicago (Chicago in 7)

Orlando-Detroit (Detroit in 5)

Cleveland-Washington (Cleveland in 4)

New Jersey-Toronto (New Jersey in 7)


Los Angeles-Phoenix (Phoenix in 5)

San Antonio-Denver (San Antonio in 6)

Dallas-Golden State (Dallas in 6)

Houston-Utah (Houston in 7)

Round 2


Detroit-Chicago (Detroit in 6)

Cleveland-New Jersey (Cleveland in 6)


Phoenix-San Antonio (San Antonio in 7)

Dallas-Houston (Houston in 6)



Detroit-Cleveland (Detroit in 6)


San Antonio-Houston (Houston in 6)


Houston-Detroit (Houston in 4…HAHAHA YAO MING~~~~)

 This of course, will not happen and probably the Spurs or Dallas are gonna win it all but one can only hope 🙂

Something that I found amusing since my uncle and I were NY Knicks fans while I was growing up and Patrick Ewing was our favorite player and just thought it was funny how it poked fun at Nate Rob also:

The Onion

Young Knicks Player Keeps Asking About Patrick Ewing

NEW YORK—Sources within the New York Knicks organization report that outspoken Knicks guard Nate Robinson continues to ask pressing…




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