Dicephalus Baby

24 08 2006

 I heard about the “Dicephalus Baby” that was born in Indonesia a little while ago and this story blew me out of the water! This baby is technically a siamese twin, however instead of developing seperate bodies and being attached, in this case only one body with one set of internal organs developed, but she does have two spines.

Indonesian doctors are still mulling on whether or not to perform surgery to remove the second head, a life threatening procedure. The thing that is totally crazy is whether or not the baby is like an actual siamese twin where the twins are different individuals or if somehow the baby’s two minds are actually one with one conscience.

I was talking about it to one of my co-workers and I was wondering if one head blinks or eats, if the other head does the same action. It seemed to me that they share the same internal functions so maybe the impulses that go through the baby reach both brains. There are cases about two headed snakes that share the same actions between the two heads but it’s probably different in humans. It’s really freaky…but interesting.




One response

12 09 2006
Nien Liu

i don’t care about the dicephalus baby no more!!! post something new!!

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