Live forever! Become gorgeous! See the future! Alex Chiu has all the answers!!!

16 08 2006

I thought it wasn’t possible but while browsing through a Cantonese website I found out all the answers to all of the world’s problems in one single webpage created by probably the most influential mind in the history of the entire world Alex Chiu! Be amazed as he explains how magnetism and polar forces actually can help ward off aging and ALL illnesses by wearing his patented rings! Want to look better without surgery or make-up? Take his GORGEOUS PILL and sleep well knowing that the next morning you will look better than the day before….EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!! He has even come up with a theory for a unified world government in order to put an end to all conflicts and wars around the globe!!! It’s too good to be true you say? Check out Alex’s page for a truly life altering experience!




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10 08 2007

Very useful and informative blog. Recommended for all to see.

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