Old School becomes New School Again

13 08 2006

transformers If you belong to my generation then Transformers was a phenomenom that bordered on an obsession for boys (and girls, PC check) while growing up in the 80’s. The cartoon was the mainstay but it was those damned Hasbro toys that got me in a frenzy (Yes, I use to own the foot and a half tall Optimus Prime with the back trailer and everything but the thing was just a mass of heavy plastic so it was like carrying a club around, probably could categorize it as a lethal weapon today). And when I heard that there was going to be a movie version coming out July 2007 I was a little apprehensive at first because the first thing that came to mind was that they were probably going to make it into a CGI movie ala “Final Fantasy” but my ears perked up once I found out it was actually going to be live-action. It’s what each and every one of us dreamed of back then,,,”Hm…maybe my car is a robot in disguise and when I’m not looking they transform with that goo ga goo ga goo sound too!” But the teaser trailer that is out right now doesn’t really show much, you get a glimpse of a giant robot crushing a land rover on mars (or a mars-like planet) but at least the robot actually looked like a robot (Not like in X-Men 3 when they used a robot in the danger room scene that looked like nothing but a giant floating pickup truck for a head with the high beams on -_-). But to see how the movie makers will pull this off would be something I would be curious especially with a budget at around 140 million, which is pretty low for a blockbuster. Also not long before that I heard there would be new Teenage Mutant Ninja tmntTurtles movie coming out in a little before the Transformer’s movie in March but if the trailer is any indicator then I’m passing on it, not that if it was live action I would go to it either but the CGI in the preview looked more like “Wallace and Gromit” claymation than computer graphics plus the characters don’t look like turtles at all, at first I thought I was watching a Geico commercial with that gecko in it except it was holding a pair of swords and wearing a bandana. I also spent every Saturday morning watching this cartoon too, but it’s something about mutated turtles who know martial arts and fight crime that is more of a turn off now then it was back when I actually liked the cartoon. But then again transforming cars that turn into robots isn’t as far fetched huh.        




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