4 08 2006

I just started working and my co-workers and even my supervisor already have the idea that I’m a slacker, here are some of the stuff I’m already getting, god, all you haters stop beating on the rookie!

yo! i probably don’t know none of u …but my name is VU…and the MEAN MACHINE187 are with me…yo HANS!! GET TO WORK! (This was on a FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE BOARD)

…And this from our company e-mail….

Finally they have arrived. There should be a sheet or two in your drawers for tomorrow. Let Seng or myself know if you need more. Now get to work! LOL (This wasn’t directed at me but our whole division but it sounds oddly familliar…)

And for godssakes just because I sound the most white doesn’t mean I should be made to call all the people from South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and every other red state in the U.S…and it’s not like they’re going to get less angry just because I don’t sound like a foreigner geez. People, this is a new form of discrimination in the workplace and I think I’m the start of the “white-wash” stereotype. Asian-Americans have their rights too! And I believe in the freedom of calling people I can’t understand without asking them two, three, or even four times!!




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