The American Way @ Work

2 08 2006

Usually at around 6:30 in the morning there’s not much going around, most of the time it’s a few pounding away at their little keyboards but for the most part quiet like a ghost town. But this morning I was able to pick up on a convo that pretty much sums up a lot about how much we as Americans differ from everyone else in the world sometimes…

Guy:…I wasn’t really paying attention to the war in Lebanon but now I hear in the news that hundreds of rockets are being fired into Israel everyday, why is this happening? Israel GAVE their land to Lebanon (He must be referring to 1982, when they withdrew from Southern Lebanon in according to the U.N. resolution presented at the time….I think) and I think Israel has the right to defend themselves. Hizbolla is a danger to their country and if it mean’s innocent civilians must die I’m sorry, but at least it is for the right cause. They’re not dying for nothing…

Girl: Hey, did you know Carlos Guillian hit for the cycle last night?!?

Guy: Oh really! Wow!!! If only he was still with the M’s….




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