M’s climb up the AL West will be a struggle

1 08 2006

I watched the M’s kill Baltimore 10-5 last night and I was thinking how well balanced the hitting and pitching is right now, and if they keep this up, who knows? Maybeeee they can catch up with the A’s and Angels but only if these things happen in my opinion:

1. ADRIAN BELTRE has to start killing the ball up to his abilities. There’s no way this guy gets paid 13 mil a year and hits .262 and only 9 homers….what’s worst the M’s can’t trade him because he has no value…

2. If Joel Piniero can build on his last two outtings where he only gave up about 3 ER in 6+ innings then the pitching staff should be fair enough shape to at least compete with the other teams in the West.

3. The Angels and A’s gotta start putting up L’s…they’re have to slow down some time right?

Those are probably the main things I thought that could give the M’s a chance to compete and maybe win the West. This is extremely wishful thinking considering this is a pretty young team, but next year the M’s will be for sure on the radar.




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