The Evolution of Video Games

25 07 2006

As a kid, I owned NES, Genesis, and SNES during the “Golden Age” of video games, and classics like Contra, Battle Toads, and NBA Live 96′ will be etched in my memory forever, Then, I remember the first time I played Tekken 1 on the original Playstation and was like “Wow, the graphics are 3D… THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!” Now kids today, if they saw Tekken 1 in action they’d be like “When did LEGO come out with a Tekken game…DID NAMCO AND LEGO MERGE…OMG WHY DOES JULIE’S CHEST HAVE ONLY FOUR POLYGONS!?!?!” If you think about how video games have evolved, it’s pretty mind boggling considering just 4-7 years ago I was playing the original PS and I thought that was state of the art. And now the XBOX 360 and the PS3 is about to blow away the PS2! How life-like can video games get before there’s a ceiling? Nintendo’s next generation system probably holds the truth more so than its competitors….the ability to interact with the real environment but still be playing a video game (No, I don’t think that glove nintendo came out for the NES counts or the Virtual Boy horror). But seriously, pretty soon maybe companies will come out with compact, small virtual reality projectors or something, because there’s only so much you can fit on a console and display on a TV screen. Imagine…a day when the XBOX 360 is considered as prehistoric as Atari, it’s something you can only imagine.        




One response

26 07 2006
Nien Liu

man, i can’t wait for the day when my playstation can literally kick my ass.

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