Shawn Kemp busted for weed possession

23 07 2006

Oh no, here we go again. I heard that the “man-child” was making a comeback on an ESPN special that aired a few months ago, documenting how he had overcome his past weight, drug, and child custody problems so that he could make his grand return to the NBA. I even got my hopes up because the guy actually looked like the Shawn Kemp of old back when he was with the Sonics, he even gave a decent Rocky immitation running up steep hills while dragging heavy weights on his back and around his ankles, saying how he cleaned up his act and was focusing strictly on basketball. I dreamed of ferocious tomahawks and sky-high alley-oops again. Unfortunately it looks like his comeback is going to fall short unless Canada’s professional basketball league has a drug policy like the CFL. In any case, the man is 36 years-old so the comeback was at most optimistic, and most fans would probably be paying attention to see whether or not he was setting up Jelly rolls to eat instead of pick n’ rolls on the court, but come on people, this was one of the most exciting players to play in our era and it’s just sad to see him go down again. And sadly, he will most likely be remembered more for his off the court problems than for the tremendous player that he was. Oh well, once a man-child, always a man-child.




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