Pepsi lends Coke a helping hand

23 07 2006

While reading the July 17th issue of Time magazine,I read an excerpt where it explained how Joya Williams, a secretary at Coca-Cola, somehow managed to get a hold of some of Coke’s secret recipes for a few of their drinks and afterwards tried to sell them to Pepsi. Not only that, she along with two other conspirators were requesting an asking price of $15,000 for sensitive info regarding future promotions and a whopping $75,000 for a recipe of a drink that hasn’t even been released to the public yet. I can’t help but imagine someone just waving a little piece of paper with a list of ingredients scrawled in chicken scratches and asking Pepsi officials for 75k in cold cash. Consequently, Pepsi did contact Coca-Cola about the deal, and in turn Coca-Cola contacted the FBI where they were able to locate these no gooders and promptly arrest them. It just goes to show how morals can still exist even in cut-throat rivalries such as Coke and Pepsi. Oh, and the article also brought up the age old question…was cocaine an ingredient in the original cola? Coca Cola officials have always denied this accusation, and the recipe for the original cola was not among the recipes that were stolen so it looks like we still can only speculate…but one things for sure, Coca Cola owes Pepsi one.




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24 07 2006
Nien Liu

wordpress doesn’t allow scripts. i just posted html stuff, there’s a link underneath the scripts stuff.

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