“File Lodge: Return of the Uploads”

22 07 2006

Someone please tell me if this message makes any iota of sense because the first time I read this my eyeballs literally popped out of my eye sockets and my brain went into extreme backburner mode…I just opened a File Lodge account (where i can store some files and images), so I’m not too sure how much faith I have in them “maintaining” my completely empty and useless upload folder if they can’t come up with a half decent error message or at least one a normal person can understand without getting a coronary:

User folder for htan21 is currently offline. July 26th 06:30 EST – Essential maintenance is currently being carried out on the storage device looking after your files. This work is likely going to take all day until the evening of 6th July. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Honestly, I really tried to understand this message, really I did, but the more I tried to grasp around the concept of having my account back up and fixed before the problem actually occurring and then trying to comprehend how the technicians could be working on it now except in the future that is July 26th, completely blew me mind away. So, yea, as of right now I still don’t know when I can get my stuff uploaded and I’m too lazy to find another place to store my files…




One response

23 07 2006
Nien Liu

if you just think about the crazy advancements in technology that that company must possess, then you’ll actually be impressed that they can fix the problem before it occured, but still be down in the present.

wow…the wonders of web 2.0 (time travel included!)

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