Goodbye Sonics, I will miss thee…

20 07 2006

Well, it has finally happened, the worst nightmare come true for me and all Seattle basketball and sports fans…the Sonics are heading to Oklahoma City. Grab your pitch forks, light those torches, and boycott Starbucks, because if the our beloved Sonics are indeed relocated no amount of coffee, mocha, or latte will get rid of your sleep deprivation, so why waste your money on it and why give your money to the man responsible for running the Sonics out of town? Sure, they’ll still be here for at least a year, but it’s like seeing the movie “Old Yeller” you love the dog to death (no pun intended) but you know whats going to happen in the end. Done like dinner.

For me, basketball is my favorite sport, I’ve played it since I was 9 and it never ever gets boring. It gives me peace for both body and mind…it’s almost like a form of meditation at times. A plaque of Gary Payton hangs on my wall, an autographed picture of Ray Allen and a group photo of he and my friends sits on my desk, heck, I still have a Evergreen t-shirt with Shawn Kemp’s big head plastered in the front and I can probably still wear it for godssake! I saw the highs of this team, when Big Smooth Sam, GP, The Reign Man, Detlef, and Hawk lost to MJ’s Bulls back in 96′, in fact I’m still looking for my left lung, and I’ve seen the lows (Vin Baker lives up to his last name, GP gets traded, the horror that was Jim McIlvaine, and now the sale). With that said, I still can’t fathom how or why Howard Schultz would do this to the most prominent sports franchise in Seattle, by selling the team to the sports starved Oklahomans he basically showed how much he doesn’t give a rats a$$ (Yes, it’s suppose to be subliminal, thank you very much) about the Sonics, the history, and the importance the organization has for the Northwest itself. And what he said regarding the purchase of the team five years ago could be the most heinous understatement of the century:

“I think there was some naiveté coming in,” Schultz said, looking back on the day his group bought the team.

YOU THINK??? The head honcho from Starbucks has talked big all this time, of championship rings and a return to past glories..but only now does he realize it isn’t as easy making a contender than making a cup of joe. He didn’t look before he jumped and this is what we deserve? Because of one man’s ignorance, we all have to suffer? What an absolute shame.

Sonic Green and Gold Forever.

Click here to sign an online petition to keep the Sonics in Seattle.




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20 07 2006
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